Packagesoft introduces DCM 2014; the simple to use non-intrusive document security marking tool for the classification of Microsoft Office Documents.

Packagesoft DCM 2014 provides a fully customisable Microsoft Office document classification marking facility.

Packagesoft DCM 2014 ensures that users classify and visually mark all Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents appropriately before saving or printing. The document classifications types and definitions can be controlled centrally by Active Directory or defined at install via a simple transform.

Today’s Organisations work in a highly collaborative working environment (CWE) with office based employees, teleworkers, customers and third parties all sharing information. As a result, the protection of information assets is extremely important – this however can present an organisation with a significant challenge. Packagesoft believes that bringing the user to the forefront of this challenge is a crucial first step in its resolution. Organisations need to ensure that users understand the value of the information they create and that information is classified at the point of creation using a format that adheres to the organisation’s marking standards. Introducing Packagesoft DCM 2014 – crucial first step solved.

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